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Since my childhood I grew up with a great passion for beauty and anything beautiful.

I graduated in Psychology of Marketing in  2008.

My adventure in the world of organizing events began in the same year, and I quickly became involved in almost anything special: fairs, parties, concerts, evenings dedicated to gastronomy,  and many other kinds of event.

I really feel the need to invest my efforts wherever there is a new project in the air!

Pushed by my psychology studies, I tend to focus on the aspects of empathy, organization, motivation and understanding the needs of others. 

I believe that the success of an event resides, above all, in the ability to establish a connection between people, in a climate of listening and mutual trust.


Anna Rosso Eventi is a Wedding Planner & Designer studio for creative, unique and tailor-made wedding  and events.

A wedding design service that focuses on colors, perfumes, atmospheres and materials to create a wedding that is unique and built only for you.

Originality, attention to detail, precision, creativity, are the key words of a path that is done together with the bride and groom, supporting them in their choices and helping them to create a marriage that speaks only of them.

Organizing the wedding will be an experience of total relaxation, dedicated only to the pleasant aspects, without any stress, in the certainty that everything will go as planned. Each event is made exclusively by our team, dedicated exclusively to the bride and groom and follows them at any time of the day.

Contact us for a meeting: in front of a coffee or a cup of tea you will tell us everything you expect from your wedding, your passions, your story, we will think of translating all this into an event that is just Yours.


Anna and her staff are really great. They helped us in everything, if we had been alone to organize the wedding I am sure we would be lost in the jungle of vendors and proposals! A special mention to Anna’s creativity: Her touch was noticed by all the guests, every detail was perfect.
Highly recommended.

can only thank Anna for being able to support us in the most beautiful day of life making it unique and in our image and likeness. She followed us step-by-step without ever being intrusive and she knew how to interpret our desires even there where even we had no clear ideas.

A good WP saves time and often also money and red Anna the advice to anyone who wants to be sure of a perfect success without stress!

We were married this July at the roundabout in the Sea of Senigallia, beautiful location but all to be set up, from the kitchen to the details. Without Anna and her staff we would not have been able to get the result obtained, which was just great. Everything exactly as we wanted, and especially someone that that day allowed us to make “only” the bride and groom and guests to have fun without thinking about nothing else. A silent but fundamental direction, really. For anyone who wants a wedding that is cared for, attentive to details, run by professionals and especially that allows you to enjoy both the preparation and that day, we recommend to Massimo Anna and his staff. Small note on the sidelines: The wedding was done with the street food of Mauro Uliassi, informal, with “free” tables and stands and with pallets of design. We are still getting compliments from the guests, enthusiastic and entertained like never before. To the less traditional couples recommend: Think about it, it’s a nice different idea and fun!

We relied on Anna to help us plan our event in the smallest detail. Reliable and very professional we strongly recommend you for your skill in catching the requests of the spouses and turn them into reality.

Anna knows how to make the wedding of your dreams! Ask anything and you will find it, and you’ll also propose a top-of-the-range version that you won’t be able to do without!
We wanted a wedding themed Cinema, and with her we were able to clarify and find the perfect style. It really helped us, thanks to his budget care and knowing good suppliers and all the tricks of the trade to achieve a marriage more lavish than we thought possible. It also has great taste and inventiveness, and is always updated on trends. It gives excellent advice even in fact of clothes. His work as an organization allowed me to concentrate on the creative side and to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the preparation, and that day he made the jumps to make sure that everything went the right way: even if some little unexpected there was , as always happens, the result was still wonderful beyond expectations! Target “Show” reached!

Surely an important figure that I recommend, especially for the professionalism and the opportunity to live the best marriage (which I would do again tomorrow) in peace, fully enjoying every moment without worries. Ideas and realization of which would not have been possible without Anna’s support.
He knew how to grasp our idea right away and realized it in every detail!

Wedding Planner ideal for organizing your wedding, precise, punctual and very scrupulous in details! She always has new and fresh ideas and is super updated with all the trends that revolve around the world of weddings and newlyweds in general.


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